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Let us take you to Khajjiar, one of the most visited places in Himachal Pradesh. This place is well known for its delicious meals and beautiful scenarios. Whether it’s a family tour or an office trip, Khajjiar Tour Package is fun for all kind of travelers. Khajjiar tour is going to be your best ever tour in life once you witness its natural picture like beauty.

Khajjiar is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is not only rich in natural beauty, but also cultural beauty. There is a large glade about five kilometres long, where you will find nothing but soft, pleasant green grass nurtured by spring water. There are some thick forests covered with majestic deodar trees are shielding the glade and enough to make you shiver if you travel alone. These trees are a part of Kalatop Sanctuary. At the edge of the glade, you will find the highway which is connecting Dalhousie to Chamba. On the other side of the glade, there is an amazing path covered with flagstones. Apart from that path, there are small arched bridges made with stones. If you travel further, you will also find a couple of slim brooks near that path. A small cortege has completed this picture-perfect spot. The name of that cortege is forest rent house. There are also a temple and a large pond in the central. You will get to see some goats and sheep grazing in the field. Snow Capped mountains are shielding the grassy field and the whole picture frame. The Swiss authorities said that this beautiful place looks a lot like their country Switzerland.

If you have already started dreaming of how it would look like, then wait no more. Our affordable Khajjiar packages are ready to take you to your dreamland. We will guide you throughout your Khajjiar tour and provide you with all your comfortable travel packages at a reasonable price. Let’s explore a duplicate Switzerland in our nation.

 Khajjiar Tour Package Highlight

In our Khajjiar Tourism, we cover all your traveling need. From flight booking and Khajjiar hotel booking to your departure, we take care of all your traveling necessities. We will arrange everything for you while you just need to enjoy your Khajjiar moments with your beloved ones. Ours, Khajjiar Tour Package is here to take you to all famous places of Khajjiar.

Khajjiar is something that you cannot call a village, not even a town. It is something that looks like untouched by human beings and touched by the beauty of nature. In Khajjiar, nature is at its finest that you will never find in any other city on earth. This place is the best for all nature lover and travel freak. In Khajjiar you will find delicious foods at Khajjiar restaurants. Those restaurants are perfect for a dinner date with your lover. No matter what mood you are, those delicious foods will surely cheer you up! The vacation is also very stress-free, free from all your daily routines and office drama. Here you can do whatever you want especially when you are with our Khajjiar tour package travel agencies. With the help of our most affordable travel packages, you will get to know what real enjoyment feels like.

More About Khajjiar Trip

Don’t forget about Khajjiar lake. It’s the most visited Khajjiar tourist spots for over the years. People from around the globe visit the lake for doing fun activities like fishing. Whether you are with your beloved partner or school friends, Khajjiar is the place where you can bring anyone with you. Khajjiar lake offers you an amazing boating experience. Imagine how would it feel like when you will boat in the lake with your loving partner in the most pleasant Khajjiar weather. A slight breeze will make your afternoon more beautiful, and if you manage to attempt some sweet talks with your partner, it will be great. The lush green town Khajjiar feels more likely to Switzerland. The local people have proudly named it mini Switzerland.

Khajjiar Travel Guide

One more place in Khajjiar is a must go. That is Khajji Nag Temple. This temple is very close to Khajjiar lake and is designed with golden dome and spire. That’s why the local people also name it “Golden Devi”. This temple made for the dedication of lord Naga that is the reason why you would find numerous idols of snakes inside the temple. This temple is a perfect example of Mughal and Hindu styles architecture. Khajjiar also offers its visitors some fun and adventurous activities. You can enjoy activities like horse riding, zorbing, paragliding etc. This type of tour and fun activities are sure to strengthen the bond with your family and friends. The huge meadows and valleys in Khajjiar make it the ideal place for sports. But you can only enjoy zorbing here only in summer seasons. You can visit Khajjiar at any time of the year but however, the best time to visit Khajjiar is in the summer months, from March to October. The summer in this place is very pleasant, where days are super sunny, and nights are pretty cool. If you visit Khajjiar in monsoon you will experience the most amazing activities like trekking, paragliding, and boating. If you are a snow-lover, visit mini Switzerland in the winter season. You will find the area covered with snow. Ready to make a snowman?


  1.    What are the tourist attractions in Khajjiar?

In Khajjiar, you will get to see the most famous Khajji Nag Temple, Khajjiar lake, Chamba valley, Kalatop wildlife etc.

  1.    What are the best places to eat in Khajjiar?

Eating options in Khajjiar are actually limited, however, you will find a few restaurants that serve delicious foods. The street stalls in Khajjiar serve delicious noodles, soup etc. you will find some tasty foods in the nearest restaurants and hotels.

  1.    What are the best places to stay?

The most affordable hotels in Khajjiar can be found in Khajjiar-Chamba road. Almost all the hotels in here serve a pleasant view of snow-capped mountains.

  1.    Can I visit Khajjiar at Monsoon season?

Of course yes! In this season the trekking and boating in the Khajjiar lake feel awesome. However, most of the tourist prefer summer for its awesome weather. If you prefer snow, try visiting in the winter season.

  1.    How to reach Khajjiar?

This place is a very small tourist spot; therefore, you can only reach by road. You can reach the place from Chamba town, or Dalhousie which will take a maximum of 1/ ½ hour.

Dream Holiday Solutions

Our DHS will provide you with an attractive Khajjiar travel package where you will get all your travel needs within your budget. We will manage everything in the Khajjiar holiday package where including Khajjiar hotel booking, bus booking, flight booking etc. You only have to enjoy your Khajjiar trip while we will give you a completeKhajjiar Travel Guide

Khajjiar Holiday Packages List

Manali [3N] + Shimla [2N]

Duration : 06
Manali 3N- Shimla 2N

Detail and Includes

  • Hotel Hotel
  • Transfer Transfer
  • Luggage Luggage
  • Sightseeing Sightseeing
  • Stay Plan Stay Plan
  • Tour Guide Tour Guide


Duration : 04

Detail and Includes

  • Hotel Hotel
  • Transfer Transfer
  • Luggage Luggage
  • Sightseeing Sightseeing
  • Stay Plan Stay Plan
  • Tour Guide Tour Guide

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