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Spanning vastly in two different continents, Egypt is a wonderful Mediterranean country that attracts thousands of tourists each year. You could choose from the various Egypt tour packages an head out to explore one of the first few civilizations.

As a country, Egypt offers its tourists a splendid vacation in the desert, by the three seas and inside the magnificent pyramids. The culture and ancient history of Egypt and its people as always intrigued the world. There are plenty of Egypt tour packages from India offering various tours, adventures and activities. The best time to visit Egypt is during the winter months between October and March.

As a traveller, you can try out the different things to do in Egypt like go for an overnight cruise in Nile, enjoy the local cuisine, visit the Luxor temples, or explore the pyramids. You can also sail in a Felucca if you do not have time for an overnight cruise. Apart from all the cultural and historical tours, Egypt is also a hub some really nice pubs, resorts, restaurants, and adventure sports.

If you are planning to visit Egypt, make sure your packages includes all the major places to visit in Egypt. The Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel temples, Sphinx of Giza, Pyramids of Giza, Siwa Oasis, Temple of Philae, Saqqara, Hatshepsut wetemple, Alabaster mosque, Dendera complex, and  Tomb of Mereruka are the places you must tick off on your visit.

Apart from the Egypt tourist places, you should also try out the various activities available. You can go for snorkelling or diving in the Red Sea, the clear water makes the experience a whole lot better. You can spend your evenings at the local bazaars and buy some spices or ornaments. The Deir el-Madina is another prominent site where you can learn about the old traditions of the royal families.

A day tour to the Nubian village will show you the very first settlements in Egypt. If you are a fan of ancient history, you will fall in love with the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The museum is home to the relics from Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Choose from the well crafted Egypt honeymoon packages to start a new life with your spouse as you discover the beauty of Egypt, a bygone era and the local traditions. It might not be a typical romantic getaway, but it allows you to spend a lot of time together, talk and cozy up!

Hotels or resorts in Egypt are quite cheap. Therefore, the best way to enjoy your trip to Egypt is by keeping one week for touring the country. You can spend another 5 days or a week sunbathing and relaxing in the winter sun. A trip to Egypt would be incomplete without a proper golden tan. Get in touch with our team to plan a great Egypt vacation.

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