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Italy is one of the most romanticised countries in the whole world. We have all grown up imagining how it would be to spend an evening under the starry skies, be on top of the Eiffel tower or eat Gelato while walking down the cobbled streets. The country is a perfect mix of modern and old cultures. It has a deep blue sea on one side and has Vatican City, France, Austria, Switzerland, and San Marino on the other sides.

A trip to Italy is a blend of history, culture, beauty, rich heritage, and modern luxury. As a traveller or explorer, you will be taken back in time as you witness the stunning works of art, marvellous architecture and the soft muslin garments. If you are planning an international trip anytime soon, an Italy tour is what you should seriously consider.

The best time to visit Italy is during the summer months between April to June and September to October. The sun is out shining, the winds are soft and you can spend your days on the streets without getting burnt. It is best to choose from hundreds of Italy tour packages for a comfortable holiday.

 Italy tour packages from India are easily customisable as per your needs and preferences. They are tailor made by travel experts for a trip where you do not feel like you missed out on some place. You could opt for a package which will take you to the best art galleries, museums, restaurants, and shops. The iconic cities like Rome, Naples, Venice, or Florence will lift up your spirits with their grace and beauty. If you are more of an explorer, you could visit the small towns and villages, learn about the local culture.

The Amalfi Coast is a major attraction for all the tourists. It is the hub of all water sports like snorkelling, diving, parasailing, etc. The pastel coloured buildings, beaches, vineyards, and luxurious villas are a treat to the eyes!

Italy is the birthplace of the great Roman Empire, period of Renaissance, masters of fine arts, and architects. The country is dotted with lovely places like Pompeii, Po River Delta, Ferrara, San Gimignano, and Torre Annunziata. The trip will be full of good cheese, gelato, wine, pizza, and desserts. The locals love to cook and that is quite evident with the numerous cafes in Italy.

If you have just been married or are looking to bring back the magic in your marriage, choose from the several Italy honeymoon packages and book a trip. The soft breeze, great food and wine, beaches, ancient buildings, and masterpieces of art will add a certain charm to your marriage. There is a reason why cupid chose to stay in Italy!

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