Sri Lanka Tour Package

A Sri Lanka tour must be on the travel bucket list of every soul that loves to wander. The picturesque island country neighbouring India has been a part of India’s history since the era of Ramayana. It is known far and wide for its history, culture, beauty, and people. The country has a quaint charm, adorned with centuries old temples, palaces, forests and several heritage sites.

Sri Lanka is not just about exploring historical places and temples. It is also one of the best and most sought after vacation destination owing to its beaches. Every Sri Lanka tour package is a mix of exploration and enjoyment. You can spend your day walking in the corridors of old palaces and hit the beach in the evening.

To get the best of your Sri Lanka holiday packages, start your days early. You must visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Adam’s Peak, and Dambulla Cave Temples. There are a lot of Sri Lanka tourist places that are world famous. For instance the monuments in Dambulla and the cave temple are known for their intricate designs and carvings. Sigiriya is known for the wonderful paintings, Kandy is a hub of all major tourist attractions and Colombo is the king of all!

If you are someone who is a big fan of art, history, architecture, etc., then you must spend at least two full days exploring the museums and galleries in Colombo. Apart from the museums and galleries, Colombo also is home to the best restaurants and bars. It is all lit up and buzzing with lovely energy during the evening, till late night. One thing you must try in Sri Lanka is the spicy, local food. The locals fry their fish with a twist that will leave you drooling for days to come.

Your Sri Lanka holiday plans have to include all the crazy adventure activities, sports, and trips that the country as to offer. The beaches have plenty of booths which conduct water sports or activities like parasailing, jet skiing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, surfing, and more.

Most of these activities are easily affordable, thus giving you all the more reason to indulge in them while in Sri Lanka. The adrenaline rush, thrill and memories are totally worth it. Another thing that an adventure junky must do is book a jungle safari. Sri Lanka is a very good place to spot some majestic, wild animals.

Off late, Sri Lanka has become a very good destination for honeymoons or short romantic getaways. Each site offers several Sri Lanka honeymoon packages which include your travel, stay, day trips to the museums and galleries, visiting the temples, caves, beach trips, and water sports.

The hotels also offer special candle-light romantic dinners for the newly married couples. You can start your day with breakfast in bed and end it with a walk on the beach.

Sri Lanka tourism is all about exploring, eating good, lazing at the beach, and making beautiful memories. It is the perfect holiday destination for every kind of traveller. If you are planning to visit the country, don’t forget to look for Sri Lanka holiday packages online. Afterall, a holiday is even better when it is well-planned and hassle free!

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